Building a legacy

After 28 years of living and working in Victoria, we’ve made a name in our local communities. With 350 homes—and happy homeowners—backing us, Kang and Gill Construction Ltd. has become synonymous with quality, sustainability, and longevity.


Tejbir Kang and Amarjit Gill found Kang and Gill Construction Ltd.


We begin building and renovating single-family homes in Victoria, British Columbia.


We foray into townhome development with Brock Townhouses.


We build our first condominium, Viewmont Heights.


With the development of Skyline Residences, we were the first in Canada to build a six-storey, wood-frame condominium.


The development of The Boulevard marks our first BUILT GREEN® building.


Today, we look to the future, building developments that enhance our landscapes and communities for years to come.

A small team with big ideas!

We love Victoria—it’s where we call home, and we pride ourselves on designing homes that honour our landscapes and the communities that support us. We listen to our neighbours and what they need to build developments for today and tomorrow.

A network of respected contractors

We partner with a trusted network of contractors on our projects. With respected reputations across Vancouver Island and Canada, we can rely on them to live up to our standards for service and quality, time and again.

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